Judge Eureka’s ex-wife apologizes to him in “Gazette Polka”

There was a wife in the statement issued on a court order Judge urek In a complaint filed in the 2017 National Court Register it admits that it provided false information about him. They were concerned about the failure to pay alimony, the refusal to consent to the daughter’s surgery, the cause of the marital breakdown and the activities involved in the activities with her participation.

“Complaints and attachments are also being sent to Deputy Minister of Justice Patrick Jackie, Deputy Chief of Legal and Judiciary Mikas Wajik and Tomato Zakhevich, editor-in-chief of Gazette Polka. Did not use his function “- we read in the statement.

He wrote in 2017 about his ex-wife’s allegations, “Super Express”. From 2010-2018, Voltaire was a member of the Eureka National Judicial Council and its spokesman. He is known for his fierce criticism of the changes in the judiciary introduced by law and justice.

Voltaire Eurek: I wanted to resolve this matter amicably

– Things like this are always difficult. I tried to resolve this matter amicably. I proposed to my ex-wife that a letter of apology would be sufficient for me. I did not achieve anything – Judge Voltaire commented in an interview with Eureka Onett that the court sentence forced his ex-wife to apologize in “Gazette Polka”.

– These false accusations were published in many media outlets and were used by some Polish ruling politicians to attack all independent judges – Judge Eurek insists. – It touched me so much because there is no truth in these allegations – he points out. – To this day, my family and I are experiencing the consequences of these false accusations – Judge Eurek points out.

– To be honest, I had a strong feeling that my ex-spouse felt the peaceful support of the “other party” representatives of the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, she hopes that she will escape anything that is not supported by the charges against me. Well, no – says Judge urek. – I will continue to bring to trial any person who repeats these lies about me. Another defendant in this defamation case is former Deputy Secretary of Justice Patrick Jackie – he tells Onet.

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Sources: “Gazette Polka”, Onet


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