Julia Winiawa and Antik Krulikowski play together in the movie

Julia Winnawa I Antik Krulikovsky They were two of the most popular couples in the Polish show business. Their relationship, however, has not stood the test of time and It ended after two years. In July 2020. We found out Antik Krulikovsky meets Joanna Obuzda, while Julia has an affair with Nikodim Rozebeki. Although the actor first broke up with the star of the series “First Love,” there have been several indications of this recently The love of Krulikovsky and Obuzda blossomed again.

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Meanwhile, the paths of Julia Winiawa and Antik Krulikovsky crossed again unexpectedly. Former lovers this time However, they met only in professional mattersAlthough they are still on a friendly relationship.

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Julia Winiawa and Antik Krulikowski together on the set of a new production

As reported by “Super Express,” Julia Wenyawa and Antik Krulikowski met on the set of the new movie “How to love a gangster.” Directed by Maciej Kawulski.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Antik Krulikovsky and Julia Winyawa

The painting How You Love a Gangster is a continuation of the production of How to Become a Gangster.. However, the sequel in which Wieniawa and Królikowski play a separate story, focused on the biography. Nicodem “Nikos” Skutarczak – A Polish gangster was killed in 1998 in the “Las Vegas” guard agency in Gdynia. The role of “Nikosia” was played by Tomaszłosok. The production will appear on Netflix in the first half of 2022.

Photo: MW Media

Anthony Krulikovsky and Julia Winnea

So far, Julia Wieniawa and Antek Królikowski haven’t shared a picture from the movie on their social media. Do you think fans of the ex-spouses would see such a picture?

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