Kinga Rosen Vs. Veronica Rosati. Who are the celebrities standing for? We drew it for you on RING BOX

A strange skirmish between Kinga Rosen a Veronica Rosati. It all started with the fact that Weronika reminded the audience of Kinga Rusin’s famous Oscar-winning party, making them unaware that the journalist’s behavior was part of the behavior pattern seen in the United States as ‘The height of impudence’. Then there was an avalanche of posts, likes, tags, posts and accusations that we note with interest.

Let us remind you that so far (Friday afternoon) Five rounds have already been played, but no result has been reached. You write in the comments that the whole situation reminds you of the next installment MMA fame. So let’s write it all down according to the rules of fighting in the ring.

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So far It has not yet announced the start of the sixth roundBut everything is watched with interest by fans and famous friends of fighting celebrities. So far #TeamWera Among them is Julia Winyawa and Maja Staco, Prof. Team KenyaRichest in boisterous names, they include Oliwia Bieniuk, Ewa Chodakowska, and Sonia Bohosiewicz. Interestingly, Ania Lewandowska is #TeamKinia and #TeamWera at the same time.


To make everything brighter, we drew it for you in Pudelka’s ring.

Are you a #TeamWera or #TeamKinia?


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