Kitchen Revolutions: Magda Geisler with her son in Gdynia

  • Magda Geisler visited “Neptun” in Gdynia with “Kitchen Revolutions”.
  • The restaurant is located in a specific movie theater, but its cool, sterile interior is nothing like it
  • The dishes ordered were tasteless, but not clearly evaluated
  • The owner of the restaurant invited her son Tadeus to collaborate with him, helping the restaurant team prepare a new menu
  • The new restaurant “Nice Cinema” acquired a new décor, menu and a significant increase in revenue
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The owner of Neptune is Claudia, Together with her husband, she ran a computer company in Sweden for 15 years. After returning to Poland, she found an advertisement by W. She bought a bistro, and fulfilled her dream years ago. Claudia decided Homemade Polish menu. In managing the kitchen, Tarlan, from Azerbaijan, helped her – The former manager and waitress, they have helped with everything since the pandemic. RThe restaurant is located near the sea And in the summer there were a lot of clients. Unfortunately, the epidemic has greatly hampered his work During the first wave of cases, the bistro was closed. But over time, the owner, thanks to the support of her husband and her staff, fought for survival. Unfortunately to no avail, The restaurant is collapsing. The last resort is to visit Magda Geisler.

From the same threshold it turns out The name of Neptune is very misleading. The owner of a famous restaurant planned to order a fish, but it turned out that was it You cannot find typical beach dishes here. It was also severely criticized Uninteresting interior design:

Command The broth turned out to be tasteless, and Magda Geisler unambiguously described a piece of Devolay fried in frying. The owner of the restaurant also ordered one dumpling with a little mushroom sauce, which she decided was correct. Dessert was served Pancakes with sugar, butter and cheese strainer. Magda Geisler praised only the latter. Summarized:

Photo: TVN screen

“Kitchen revolutions” Magda Geisler praised pies at a restaurant in Gdynia

Kitchen Revolutions: What is this office nonsense ?!

The second day of the revolution began from Difficult conversation about the owner’s husband. I asked Magda Geisler why he wasn’t by Claudia’s side, if she calls him an angel. Furthermore it, She even mentioned that he does not like Claudia, because he did not support her At such an important moment. The owner of the restaurant vigorously defended her husbandHe convinces her that he loves her and supports her from afar.

The revolutionary restaurant owner, too, asked why Claudia does not take advantage of the fact that one of her employees is a foreigner. The kitchen may be from his home Make the list more attractive and make it stand out from the competition. Tarlan replied that he knows many Azerbaijani dishes, but believes that it is difficult to get the necessary products in Poland. Magda Geisler disagreed with him and ordered traditional soup and broth dumplings the next day.

It was not without control in the kitchen. “What is this office nonsense?” – I asked Magda Geisler, seeing the documents between the shelves and the stove. Pointing to the opening of food containers in the refrigerator, she said:

“Kitchen revolutions” by Magda Geisler in Gdynia

Kitchen Revolutions: What is Magda Geisler’s son doing here?

It is time for a revolution. The idea of ​​the new restaurant is directly related to the place in which the restaurant is located, i.e. the former Neptune Cinema. As will be the decor Alluded to cinema and cinema. The name will change – What is new is “beautiful cinema”.

Kitchen Revolutions Nice Cinema

As part of the test, all contestants cooked Favorite soup. Magda Geisler wasn’t happy for most of them, but one of them was. This is an unusual offer from Director Agnieszka – corn soup with popcorn.

The owner of the restaurant had a surprise, too – she invited her son, Tadeus, to the program. Presented to the bar staff, she said:

“Kitchen revolutions” Magda Geisler with her son Tadeusz Geisler

Under his supervision, new, healthy and original dishes were prepared, suitable for serving. Agnieszka summed up his advice

The promotion of Kalina Jędrusik’s authority turned out to be very successful. However, cleaning and refurbishment work was carried out in the restaurant. The first dinner menu at “Niezły kino” is veal stew, tartar, cream of corn and pancakes. – All dishes are great for take-out. In this episode There was no drama in the kitchen, Customers rated the dishes very positively.

“Kitchen revolutions” Magda Geisler at the “Niezłe kino” restaurant in Gdynia

Kitchen Revolutions: A Happy Ending at Nice Cinema

Two months later, Magda Geisler came to Gdynia, “To see if the script I wrote for Nice Cinema turns out to be correct.”

The owner of the restaurant was pleased:

The owner’s husband, Robert, also appeared in the kitchen, this time actively supporting her activities in the restaurant. According to Magda Geisler, “Nizi cinema deserves an Academy Award.”

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