Klaudia Halejcio Honestly About Pregnancy: “It’s Not Always Beautiful”

Claudia Halligesio (30) and her boyfriend Oscar will soon welcome their daughter into the world. The end of pregnancy overshadows the actress. I mentioned this on social media. She revealed, “It’s not always pretty.”

On this past Valentine’s Day, Claudia Halligiu told fans that she and her partner Oscar were expecting a baby. She posted on Instagram a meaningful photo with pictures from the Under-Secretary-General and admitted that she had “waited her whole life for this role.”

Childbirth is fast approaching, and soon the daughter of the couple will appear in the world. Future parents chose the name Neil for her.

Recently, Halejcio told fans that the final moments of pregnancy aren’t easy.

She had already indicated that it was difficult for her. One netizen wrote, “Pregnancy is not a blessed condition and it can last 3 months.” Claudia agreed with her.

She added that she was already under prenatal stress. Funky reassured that it was completely normal.

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