Krzysztof does not suspect Jackowski! Shocking what awaits us in May

Krzysztof Jackowski (57) decided to warn the Poles about the upcoming time. The fortune teller from Człuchów already knows what will happen in the near future.

People who want to know what the future has in store can always count on Krzysztof Jackowski, who talks about his visions in YouTube videos. The last of them relates to what will happen in May and during the summer holidays.

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the end of the epidemic. After all, people are tired of the restrictions and not being able to travel freely. Many hope this year’s holiday will be a day of stagnation. Nothing could be more wrong!

Jakoski warns that something stranger than COVID-19 will come soon!

Krzysztof also revealed what he thinks this year’s holiday will be.

The fortune teller draws attention to another problem. In his opinion, Poland will gradually lose its sovereignty. Now many people might not notice it, but after a while it will become apparent.

To all the skeptics who mock the fortune teller predictions, Jakowski mentioned that in 2019 he spoke of that year as the last, relatively normal year.

Well … the coming months will check if the famous Krzyś is right! Are you hoping for a regular vacation?

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