Krzysztof Krawczyk: This is what Iowa Krawczyk inherits from her husband! There was a set amount

Iowa Krausek (61) still could not come to terms with the loss of love of life, which was undoubtedly Krzysztof Krausek (74) for her. The legendary singer lived modestly for years, and was not terribly luxurious. It is already known what the widow of the musician inherited.

Krzysztof Krawczyk is buried April 10 in Grotniki. Many people still could not accept his departure. The singer’s widow, for whom the whole world has collapsed, faces a real nightmare. The couple has been together for nearly forty years.

A tabloid newspaper conducted an analysis of what his wife would inherit after Krausek’s death. Krzysztof has been very frugal throughout his life. The singer could enjoy the luxuries and squander the money he earned, but he preferred to focus on saving and helping others.

Apparently, at some point in his life, he was supporting up to 20 people from his family. Unmatched popularity, the large number of concerts and albums sold gave him enough cash flow. Krausek has often stressed that, in his opinion, he is not worthy of luxuries.

In his life, he was not shy about alcohol and drugs, as he also used his money. However, he soon realized that wasn’t the right way to go. He changed thanks to his wife, Eve. He bought a house with her in Grootniki for a pittance.

The musician admitted years ago that he bought it for 15 thousand zlotys. The low price was due to a fan who sold the property to Krawczyk. Years later, the drug was worth millions.

“And who said God does not put the angels on our path?” – Krzysztof said years ago.

According to the Super Express, the widow will inherit this house from the musician. There is also a pension, which a few years ago amounted to 1,700 PLN for the musician.

“I have a very good pension, 1,700 zlotys, half of which I give to my son and I’m not really seeing money. I can count on what I was able to save during my life,” – Krzysztof admitted a few years ago.

Now Iowa Krawczyk is fully owed to the heirs’ pension, which is up to 85%. Retired Music. If the Krzysztof’s widow decides to accept the pension, she will have to forfeit her pension. With indexing taken into account, Krawczyk’s wife can now count on around 1,700 PLN.

Do you think it is a lot or not?

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