Lazio Roma suspects Cerro Immobile of fake coronavirus tests

The Italian public prosecutor’s office is interested once again in Serie A matches, and this time, Lazio Roma’s actions have been taken under scrutiny. There is a suspicion that this team’s sniper, Siro Immobile, used the fake Coronavirus tests.

Immobile’s problems started at the end of October last year. Then tests showed that he was infected with the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, the footballer continued to play, as repeated tests gave a negative result.

The scandal erupted when it turned out that the tests were successfully performed by a private laboratory, the owner of which is a friend of the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito.

Avelino’s public prosecutor took the case. I just ordered an Immobile DNA test. They must conclusively show whether the Italian actor has contracted the virus in the recent past.

At the same time, goalkeeper Thomas Strakusha’s medical records are being examined, who may have also used faulty tests.

Earlier, the federation had already imposed a seven-month disqualification penalty on Lotito. The club, in turn, was fined 150 thousand euros.

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Sunday’s game against Benevento (with Kamel Glick on the team), which Lazio won 5-3, Immobile started from the first minute. He scored two goals and missed a penalty kick.


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