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Juan Joya Borja died. The comedian passed away on April 28 at the age of 65. “El Risitas” gained immense popularity due to an interview in 2007 that quickly went viral.

Comedian and television actor Juan Joya Borja has passed away, Wednesday, April 28, at the age of 65. Spanish media reported his death. Recently, Borja, also known as “El Risitas”, has been suffering from a lot of health problems; Last year, the comedian underwent surgery for vascular complications – and also needed his leg amputated. A few days ago his condition worsened again. And the man went to the University Hospital in Seville.

Legendary interview

Juan Joya Borja gained a lot of appreciation after an interview he gave 13 years ago to a television station. The comedian was a guest on Jesús Quintero, and during their conversation he called up his job as a cook’s assistant. Borja told the story of how he once left the paella ponds in the ocean to make them easier to clean, but the next day it turned out that the paella was gone. He enriched his story with distinct breaks in bursts of laughter, and the recording of the interview quickly went viral on the Internet. Soon, many “mods” and memes began appearing on the web.

The death of the hero of “Złomowiska PL”. Disturbing facts emerge. “He was sitting, beaten and covered in blood.”

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