Legia looks at the fins of the Champions League. Becca Nona is of major interest to the Polish champion

We have just entered the times when the new / old Polish champion, the highest-ranked Polish team in the UEFA ranking (coefficient of 16,500), could not be sure of anything. Well, almost nothing. The only piece of information that is ridiculously positive and clear is that azienkowska will be ranked in the first qualifying round. Champions League. Let us emphasize that this is a privilege that no other team from Poland can count on. However, the stairs begin with the second qualifying round for the prestigious competition. The status of the Chislav Mitchniowitz team depends on several factors. To clarify the situation – in mid-April corps Due to unfavorable results in Israel and Azerbaijan, she was out of seeding in the second round of the LM competition. Now the situation has improved a little.

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Legia and the champion of Israel and Azerbaijan

The coefficient Legia currently has (16500) is the value that places the Polish champion in the middle of the team that will compete in the second round of el. LM. The point is to be in their first group, not the second (this group is not ranked). As calculated by Rankinguefa.pl, Legia is currently in the last position, giving the seeding in the second round of el. LM. This situation may turn out to be a disadvantage, depending on the decisions in Israel, or in favor of developments in Romania and Azerbaijan, for example. why?

Let’s take Azerbaijan. If the master stayed there Qarabag (ranked 21,000), this will overtake Legie in the seed group. If Nafci Baku (5000) continues to fight for the hero, then Legia will benefit from him. Let’s add that both teams in the league are competing head-to-head. Karabakh is 51 years old and Nafshi is 50 years old.

Israel after lifting restrictions (Tel Aviv)Stadiums and gymnasiums are already full in May. “The epidemic as we know it is behind us.”

The situation is similar in Israel. The league leaders by four points, Maccabi Haifa (4.875) is a “more suitable” legia for the tournament than Maccabi Tel Aviv, second-placed (20500). In Romania, Legia should support second place in the Universitatea Krajowa League (6000) and not CFR Cluj (16500), who are slightly ahead. Currently, the Bulgarian and Croatian leagues are among the tournaments which may influence Legia’s status. However, fans in Warsaw can enjoy the fact that APOEL (28,000) and one of the lower-ranked teams (Omonia 5500 and Anorthosis 4750) do not have a chance for the Cyprus Championship.

Real and City can deploy Legia

As abstract as it may sound, Legia is last in the ranking that qualifies him Champions League Teams may also be affected by the Premier League settlements, League 1 Or the results of this year’s competition in the Champions League. If the winner of this competition qualifies for the group stage through his league, the eleventh-ranked champion of the standings will automatically advance to the group stage without being disqualified. The postponement would also allow the Czech Republic, ranked 15th, to start competing for the Champions League in the third preliminary round, and not from the second round. In practical terms, Slavia Prague (43,500) will likely free one place from the ranked basket of teams in the second round.

Svetlika: Legia has problems not only on the field - the biggest of them are in the officesSvetlika: Legia has problems not only on the field – the biggest of them are in the offices

At the moment, the two teams from the UEFA Champions League that have been promoted to him with their results in the domestic leagues are Manchester City and Real Madrid only, Because Chelsea’s local situation is uncertain And Paris Saint-Germain just got out of the cups. So the thing for “Królewski” and “City” is that the club fans from the capital should be concerned with them. If Real Madrid join Manchester City in the final, Legia will definitely be ranked on Wednesday evening. Slavia will free up one place among the ranked teams, and Legia will not be disqualified from the top ten priority teams in the second qualifying round.

Legia in Sharm. UEFA Champions League, why is it important to complete the second round?

When discussing the complex situation of Legia in European Cups, it is also worth explaining the possible paths Warsaw FC could take.

Legia will start the LM Qualifiers on July 6th or 7th. They will be ranked and the rematch will be played in a week. If the Varosovians progress in this stage of the European adventure, they will move to the second qualifying round in a new form – European Conference Federations (LKE), where it will also be implanted.

In a more optimistic scenario, Legia is promoted to the second round of el. LM will be important. Failure in the second round means the possibility of participating in the third electoral round. The most famous European League (LE). However, if Legia is ranked in the second round of the Champions League and plays with weaker teams in theory, then winning at this stage of Champions League qualification guarantees a fall in the European Cups. why? The team that will qualify for the third round in the event of failure, LM goes to the fourth round of el. fairy. At this stage, Legia had recently lost to Karabakh 0: 3 and Rangers 0: 0, 0: 1.

Now, however, he stumbles on the fourth round of el. European League, leading to a move to the group stage of the Premier League. It’s also where you can get good money and earn rating points. There is a minute. 3 points, but by winning and drawing matches, you can get 2 points and 1 point respectively. The charts for the scores of defeats or victories in the relevant qualifying rounds of LM are described in the chart below.

Legia's road to European CupsLegia’s road to European Cups graf. TM sport.pl

Raków and Pogoń will start half a month into Legia

It can be assumed that Legia is in the first two rounds of el. Interestingly, LKE will be implanted in the third round of these culls, and seeding is not used.

It is also worth paying attention to what awaits other Polish Cup players on their way to Europe. Some games at el. LKE is located in Raków Częstochowa. Thanks to winning the Polish CupMarek Babsson’s team will play in this competition from the second preliminary round. Pogo Szczecin as the second or third team of Polish Ekstraklasa team He will also start the competition from this stage. None of these teams will be ranked. Both will benefit from the national ranking (3,025). At worst, potential competitors are teams like Rubin Kazan, Trabzonspor or Anderlecht.

The possibility of playing el. LKE will have another Polish team – fourth place winner in Ekstraklasa (Thanks to the fact that Raku won the Polish Cup.) In the Europe game, there are Silesia, Zagobi Lupine, Warta, Lycia And best. The fourth team of the Polish national team Ekstraklasa will definitely start the struggle in the qualifiers from the first round of this cup. It was scheduled for July 8 (rematch a week later). Glyphs players will definitely be ranked at this point (this is not certain with others), because in recent years in Europe they have slightly increased their club’s coefficient (4000). This is not enough to think about seeding in the second stage of the competition at LKE.

Raków and Pogoń will begin the international fight on July 22 (then the second qualifying round of LKE begins). That’s nearly half a month after Legia struggled by qualifying for the Champions League. This time, the Warsaw squad will have to prepare for the new season as quickly as possible.

Sources: Uefa.com, Rankinguefa.pl

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