Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Legia will not extend the contract with Marko Vesovic

Marko Vesović joined Legia in the middle of the 2018/2019 season. He made his debut in the victory over Wrląsk Wrocław (4: 1) on February 16, 2018, replacing Jarosław Niezgoda at the time. He played 81 official matches and scored 4 goals. He becomes the Polish champion in 2018 and 2020, and if he gets a chance to play against Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biaa in the last series of matches of the current competition, he will also be able to add the title for the current season, which he lost almost entirely due to a serious knee injury. He also won the Polish Cup with Legia in 2018.

The Vesovic example is the perfect rendering of how one evening you spoiled everything you worked for so long. Naturally, it concerned the irresponsible interventions of the player’s husband, right after the meeting with Stal Mielec (0: 0), in which the player sat on the bench. Until the emergence of serious allegations from the footballer’s wife, everything indicated that Vesuvich would remain in Legia. In fact, you could argue that it was an imposed consequence. He wanted the player, he wanted the sporting director, and so did the coach Chislaw Mijnevich. It’s also possible that his wife, too, because Feso had been a well-paid player up until then, had secured him on a one-year contract only nearly 2 million Polish zlotys.

However, the allegations (Which you can read about here), Largely unfounded, completely changed the optics. Legia may want and want Marko to continue, but by offering him a new contract, it will appear that you can insult her powers with impunity, and that this cannot be allowed anywhere. Even grinding his teeth.

Polish heroes gave Vesovi discretion when it came to planning surgery and rehabilitation. He wanted the first in France, then reconstruction in his homeland, plus Legia financed it 50 percent. The total cost of the surgery and rehabilitation was 75,000 PLN. zlotys, the club paid half. The player promised that he would start training in January, came back much later, and was actually only ready for the last three matches, including the one against Podbeskidzie next Sunday.

Now Vesuvic, who was possibly the best soccer player in the league last season, will face a big problem. He played for the last time on June 21, 2020, against Olsk Wroclaw (2: 0), in this match he cut the laces. This is my 11-month break. It’s hard to count on a good decade, especially after these serious health problems, around the age of thirty (it will end in August)

Legia was supposed to propose, because in the end a certain offer was not reached, a contract was much less than before (more than half), but if Vesuvic’s health is fine, he will regain his place on the team, he will have the opportunity to win additional money “From the stadium”. Perhaps in this case, that is, Marco’s return to the model, the parties will have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the contract. It will not come to this. It may be the first time in the Premier League that negotiations have failed due to Instagram.

In light of Legia’s decision on Vesuvic, the club is awaiting a final answer from Bowie and your spouse, who has yet to identify himself regarding a proposal to remain in the club from Łazienkowska. He was supposed to do it by the previous Friday, then at the beginning of this week, but he requested a few more days, until next Friday, so we’ll know Wszołek’s future in two days. The Sports section will also discover if he will have to find a player for the right pendulum.

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