Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Pawe Wszołek, far from agreeing with Legia

About a month ago we reported that Paweł Wszołek has offers from Bundesliga, Italian League and Turkish Premier League clubs. Of course, the player was waiting all the time for a proposal to extend the contract with Legia Warsaw. He finally got it, but that’s far from what we expected.

The player expected a slight salary increase, which the club did not expect. For now, it’s still a long way from convention and there are several indications that Pawe Wszołek might say goodbye to Łazienkowska.

If that happened, coach Chislav Mitchniowitz would be disappointed. Not long ago, Sports Director Radoslaw Kocharsky The Legia coach asked if he wanted this player to stay with the club for next season. The answer is unequivocal. – He is a very good player, professional. The coach said he would definitely help us succeed.

If Wszołek dies, it will have to be stopped Marco Vesovichia. However, no one has spoken to Montenegro until today. The player manager will soon appear on Łazienkowska Street. Both the soccer player and the agent are planning to cut their pay, and realize that Marco has not played football in nearly a year and cannot make exorbitant demands. In the case of Vesovic, the chance of reaching an agreement is much higher than in the case of Wszołek.

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