Lewandowski scored in the last minute of the match but Bayern lost the soccer ball dramatically

Bavaria Monatium He was in excellent position before the game against Mainz – a win on Saturday meant the ninth successive German championship title, this time three lines before the end of the season. Another piece of great news was Robert Lewandowski returns to the starting line-up for Hanse Flick.

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The more the first minutes of the match can be shocking. Already in the third minute, Mainz took the lead. Burchardt grabbed the ball in front of the penalty area, and fired it, stunned the not quite ready Neuer. The German hit the ball, and then it fell into the net. After a few minutes the score would have been 2-0. After a cross into the penalty area, kicked by the defenders, Latza captured the ball. His header bounced off his opponent, stunned Neuer, who happily managed to clear the ball off the post. He also had his occasion Robert Lewandowski, However, from 16 meters above the keel.

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Although Bayern He tried to recover, Mainz rose to prominence. In the 36th minute, after a free kick, Quaison jumped into the ball and hit it with his head from a few meters away, giving Neuer no chance. Before the break, Maines was driving dramatically with two goals.

After the break, Maines tried to focus on maintaining the advantage and smashing more Bayern attacks. They managed it flawlessly – if the Flick team got into shooting situations, it was from very uncomfortable locations. Therefore, Zentner wasn’t actually forced into a major intervention all the time.

Robert Lewandowski with a goal of 36 this season!

That changed in the last minute of the match. Huck wanted to go to his goalkeeper. However, he did so very poorly – he had possession of the ball Robert LewandowskiWho defeated Zentner confidently from a few meters away. For the Polish striker, this is the 36th strike this season. Thus, he could still catch up to the legendary achievement of Gerd Muller – in his last three matches, he had to score four goals to catch up with him and five to defeat him.

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Bayern lost 1-2 in the end and have to wait until Sunday. Then RB Leipzig will face the Stuttgart team. If Leipzig did not score full points, Hansi Flick’s team would become German champions. If they win, Bayern will have to wait until the next match, when they face Borussia Monchengladbach on May 8.

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