Loni Willison lives on the street. Dramatic photos of the model and ex-wife of “Solar Patrol” actor.

Loni Willison has become known to the world as a model and wife to actor Jeremy Jackson, an actor from “Sun Patrol”. The life of a celebrity has changed drastically in recent years. Wilson is homeless. She was recently spotted by photojournalists on Los Angeles Street.

Lonnie Willison It deals with homelessness. The 37-year-old was a well-known model and wife of the “Sunny Patrol” star until just a few years ago. Lonnie met Jeremy Jackson in 2003 and she married him in 2012. Although their relationship was very good at first, the situation has changed dramatically. The actor began to use physical and mental violence against his wife. For several years, the model tried to mend their relationship and help her husband, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs. In the end, she decided to divorce. Loni Willison left Jackson after he badly beat her.

After her split with the famous actor, Lonnie wanted to start her career out of the limelight. The model withdrew from the show business and tried her hand, among other things as a real estate agent or beauty salon assistant. Unfortunately, when she lost her job in 2016, she had a meltdown and ended up on the streets.

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Loni Willison addresses the problem of homelessness. The previous model lost its teeth

Loni Willison refuses to help family and friends. The previous model became addicted to drugs. Photojournalists filmed her horrific condition recently. The latest photos show the former star lost almost all of her teeth.

– I lost two jobs and it all collapsed […] I can live on my own. I have everything I need here. Nobody really cares, I don’t want to see them and they don’t want me. I don’t have a cell phone, I have something to eat and a place to sleep – She confessed some time ago.

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