Lord of the Rings: Amazon’s Season 1 budget is $ 465 million

We found out how much it will be Budget for the first season of the series Master of Shadow Rings From Amazon Prime Video. It turns out, the authors of the new screen mod for JRR Tolkien’s prose They will have a total of about $ 465 million USD at their disposal. The huge budget included the costs associated with laying the foundations for potential upcoming seasons of the series ?? Who should be a little cheaper ?? The purchase of the copyright for the British writer’s work, estimated by the Tolkien Foundation, the literary institution that manages his legacy, is worth $ 250 million. Production cost the Lord of the Rings Thus exceeding the budgets of the series like Game of thrones From HBO or Mandalorianin By Disney +, Typically, around $ 15 million has been earmarked for single episodes.

This information was confirmed by Stuart Nash, New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, who did not hide his enthusiasm in an interview with Radio New Zealand:

That’s cool, it really is. I can tell you that Amazon is going to spend $ 650 million [nowozelandzkich, czyli dok³adnie 464,33 miliona waluty amerykañskiej – dop. red.] Only in the first season the Lord of the Rings. (??) The production of such a large work in our country will give New Zealand an opportunity to promote its brand on an international scale, which we intend to use in the campaign promoting the country in the name of ?? (Across Radio New Zealand).

Unfortunately, Nash hasn’t revealed when we can expect the series’ premiere. Know about it for ?? Only it will show the events taking place in Warsaw (and not only) long before the story of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Production description and world map you already know Informed us, Is clear evidence that we will first see stories from the Second Age, described by Tolkien in Silmarillionie Whether, if Incomplete tales. If you’ve read these books, you know there will be things going on.

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