Maciej Stuhr ignored the district’s question of whether it was “Patos”. Great actor reaction

Magic Store He was the guest of the last episode of the talk show. “Cuba Wojewódzki. The artist sat on the sofa of the self-proclaimed king the television-u Several times already. However, the actor’s appearance on the show is not surprising. Wojewódzki often calls the same people. This time, the pretext for an interview with the actor was his role in the TVN production – “Szadź 2”. A ski jump appeared next to the Magic Store Piotr Żyła.

Magic Store on the filming site Stuhr is back on the set of “Szadzia”. However, he did have some concerns. “I was worried we wouldn’t make it”

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Maciej Stuhr comments on the confusion surrounding the film school in ód: Nothing bad happened to me at school, but I was in a different situation

Maciej Stuhr in Kuba Wojewódzki

Maciej Stuhr had a good sense of humor. Initially, he was asked about Telekamera winning the Best Actor category. Nice topic, but boycott can’t help but be malicious.

Have you got to Telecamera because you are a bat? – Wojewódzki was sarcastic, referring to the actor’s role in “Szadzia”.

Store ignored the journalist’s harassment and pretended not to hear the bizarre, misplaced comment.

I really enjoyed this award. In the situation we have in the country, these divisions, winning the referendum means something – we heard it.

The actor admitted that watching in TVP Material about himself, he often wonders if he’s still liked. However, the host of the program quickly cut the topic and pointed to the second prize, which this year received by Maciej Stuhr – W. The actor was awarded the statuette for the worst male performance in the shadow of talent. The role of the actor in the movie “Bad Boy” by Patrick Vega contributed to this (the artist was also nominated for the worst screen duo).

This career choice wasn’t the happiest – Storr said of his role in Vega.

And later he added:

I read this script, this topic is great material for a movie – he added.

Magic StoreMaciej Stuhr bluntly about the situation in acting colleges: Shame!

However, the actor did not unequivocally answer the question of why he took the role. Well, that’s just evidence that even the best of people are making the wrong decisions. When asked if he still plays for Vega, he replied diplomatic: I don’t know.

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