Magurzata Rozynik praises her brother’s visit. Fanki: “BRAD PITT AS LIVE” (photo)

Despite the many commitments and new projects Małgorzata Rozenek He tries to maintain a work-life balance. In Johnny’s profile we can often see how she spends time with her loved ones.

Pervkegna paid tribute on Wednesday afternoon for visiting her brother. Misha Kostrzewski He graduated from ballet school and lives in France. He was a soloist in Monte Carlo for 10 years and is now a dancer and choreographer for the Lyon Opera. Magorzata herself believes that her brother, regardless of his talent, can be proud of his exceptional beauty.


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A mix of Tom Cruise with young Mel Gibson. Some also look for similarities with A house beard. For me, it’s just Misha, my brother. Ozzy Mami T himself – & nbspHe wrote about & nbspnim on Instagram.


Rosinke added a picture of her children, accompanied by their uncle.

There is a brother, there is fun. There is no make-up, but Tadeq has a bruise – She wrote with pleasure, accompanied by relatives at the table.

Of course, the fans did not miss Misha’s beauty, so her sister praised.

Brad Pitt neighborhoodQuestions about & nbspstatus brother: start time! Wow, what a handsome brother! Hey brother, cookie – & nbsppisały rozanielone.


Do you really look like a Hollywood lover?


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