Maher Emery against Wisla Krakow

PKO Ekstraklasa season is drawing to a close and clubs are already starting to experience the summer transfer window. According to our information, Wisła Kraków is interested in Mahir Emreli – Karabakh striker, who can be brought without a fee. However, the struggle to sign a contract can be difficult, because the 23-year-old is interested in many clubs from Poland and other European countries.

Emreli is a famous name in Azerbaijan. Karabakh scored 17 goals in 27 games this season. The footballer decided that he would not extend the contract with the club, knowing that he had a chance to go to a stronger league.

Already in winter, clubs from Poland, Raków Częstochowa and Zagłębie Lubin, were interested in him, and now also Wisła Kraków began talks, who called his agent. These are not negotiations, but just an inquiry about the possibility of bringing in a soccer player. No wonder the “White Star” is exploring the region. He must realize that more clubs are interested in a player.

Imrelli, who will turn 24 in July, has inquiries from Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia and Hungary. It seems that in such a situation, Wesowa, or even the most wealthy Polish teams, have no chance of fighting for the striker’s signature. As we hear, that’s a wrong impression, because the soccer player is ready to stop in a slightly weaker league and only move to Western Europe, and Wisła is still a strong brand. So it is not in a losing position.

Emreli should be offered a good contract, as he can leave for free in the summer. In his case, the sales potential appears to be high. Still a young footballer with good stats. Wis whicha, who has had financial problems, will have to assess the risks in this case, but if he wants to bolster the attack and then make money, the Karabakh striker looks like a good headline.

Although it was not possible to bring Azerbaijan in the summer, we hear that also in Lubin and Czestochova, the subject is not completely lost yet.

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