Maja Huey released another statement. Thank you for your support and I declare the fight. She mentioned her current partner

Maja Huey Post a new entry on the web. She referred to her previous post in which she revealed the uninteresting truth (?) About her post-divorce relationship with her ex-husband. She declared that she would not give up in the struggle for truth and a happy and calm life.

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Maja Huey takes her daughter to work. She fed her daughter disguised as a man. “You laughed at me”

Maja Huey released another statement. Thanks for the support. “The decision was right.”

Grzegorz Hyży hinted in a statement on FridayThat the mother of his children was lying about the reality and it led to a torrent of hatred and threats for his new family. In the last entries, Maja does not refer directly to the singer’s words, but declares the struggle “for himself, for us, and for our happiness.”

Beloved, first of all, thank you so much for your great support! The magnitude of the private messages and comments I received from you exceeded me in the positive sense of the word. I have to admit that your support has given me more strength and power to fight for my happiness! I received a lot of messages from women thanking me for bringing this topic up, because many of you have had similar stories and there are a lot of these. Today I feel like maybe there is a mission ahead of me, to fight for us, for you! Because power is a woman! And since there are many such sad stories, we must talk about them out loud and shout for the world to hear us. I am trying to respond to your messages, but believe me, there are so many of them and they still come up that it is hard to reply to everyone.

The star of the current version of “Your Face Looks Familiar” also mentioned the father of her daughter. Her current partner is very supportive and defends her like a lion.

But I want to tell you that I really do appreciate them. It only confirms my belief that the decision was the right thing to say about it. Many of you may be breaking the silence in your life. You write and ask if I have support from my partner? Okay my love. I never got the support he gets from him, he’s been with me since the start! He wouldn’t let him hurt me and surrender to me. It hurts the other side a lot. That’s why I plunge into this dirty game as well, but don’t worry. We will fight for ourselves, for us, for our happiness to the end.

Do you think Maja and the Grzigors will reach an agreement someday? they must. To put it mildly, the tension between them is not working well for their children, and their well-being should be of the greatest importance.

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