Major changes in ASF adaptation. Check out where to cancel regions!

The head of the Veterinary Inspectorate announced that according to the latest implementing regulations of the European Commission, the territoriality of our country is changing in the context of the ASF epidemic. Not only has the color of the imprinted areas changed so far, but their scope has also changed.

  • In accordance with the latest implementing regulations of the European Commission, the existing ASF region names and codes have changed
  • Additionally, the coverage area of ​​the previous blue and red areas changed significantly. The Blue Zone has been abolished from the municipalities of the Olecki and Ostróda regions
  • In contrast, the former red zone was abolished from the regions of dozens of communes in Podlaski, Mazowiecki and Vilkopolsky districts.

According to the Head of the Veterinary Inspectorate, on April 21, 2021, European Commission Executive Decision No. 2014/709 / EU, which has been binding until now, was issued which, among other things, defines the rules for the regionalization of some European Union countries in terms of African countries. plague Pigs She lost her strength. It has been replaced by a new executive regulations for the commission that outlines specific measures to combat the Mediterranean cruiser. The main change relates to the designations and territories of the ASF that have been in effect until now. As of today, regionalization will be as follows:

– The current protection zone (yellow zone) will be identified as the area covered by the first restrictions, and it will be highlighted in blue

– The current Restricted Zone (red zone) will be marked as Restricted Zone II and will be highlighted in pink

– The current danger zone (blue zone) will be identified as the area covered by Restrictions III and will be highlighted in red

In parallel with the aforementioned regulations, an annex has also been published updating the scope of individual regions in Poland. It clearly shows that apart from changing the color of the regions, their scope also partially changed. The area covered by Category III restrictions (the former blue zone) has been removed from the municipalities of Olecki poviat (the municipalities of Olecko, Kowale Oleckie, Wieliczka, and Świętajno) and Ostróda poviat (included in the area of ​​some municipalities of Ostróda, Małdyty, Miłomłyn, as well as the municipalities of ukta, Morg and Miłakk. ) In Farmin-Masurian County. The district has also been removed from the part of the municipality of Bakałarzewo (Suwałki County) belonging to the Podlaskie Voivodeship, located near the former district of Olecki poviat.

This is not the end of the changes: in some municipalities of Podlaskie, Mazowieckie and Wielkopolskie, the current red district has been abolished, and instead the area covered by restrictions I (former yellow district) has been introduced. This change concerns the following areas:

Podlaski Prefecture:

– Grabowo, Kolno and Turośl municipalities in the Kolno poviat region

Masovian region:

Municipalities of Płołsk, Sochocin, Nowe Miasto and Joniec in Płońsk poviat

– Ciechanów city and municipality, Sońsk, Ojrzeń, Glinojeck, Regimin and Opinogóra municipalities in the county of Ciechanów

Strzegowo municipality in Mława poviat

– Municipalities of Dąbrówka, Klembów, Poświętne, Radzymin and Wołomin of Wołomin County

– the municipalities of Stanisławów, Jakubów, Dobre and Kałuszyn in the Minsk Region.

– Wierzbno and Grębków communities in the county of Węgrów

– The municipalities of Mokobudi and Schobre in the Siddles region

Pilani and Sokoko Podlaski municipalities in Socawo County

Greater Poland Province:

– parts of the Krzywiń and Kościan nationalities, part of the communmigiel municipality, located east of the line marked by S5 road in the Kościan region

– The city of Leszno, the municipality of Osiناna, which is part of the municipality of Lebno, and is located east of the marked line on the S5 road in the Leszno Boviat area

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