Małgorzata Socha warns fans. Her image has been used

Małgorzata Socha has been promoting a healthy lifestyle for years. On her Instagram we can find photos from her workouts or a report from running. Additionally, as a famous actress, she is also an ambassador for many brands. One company decided to use these facts and illegally downloaded two pictures of it, adding a slimming product and a signature: “Weight decreased from 98 to 68, only drink in the morning.”.

Małgorzata Socha on fraud

The actress categorically denied having anything to do with promoting keto diet products and warning netizens about the inherent risks:

Cautious!!! These ads are not real. Do not click on it, do not enter the links. These companies have misused my photo

– She resumed.

Internet users immediately responded to the actress’s words. In their opinion, few people will fall for the fact that the weight of Magorzata Susha was 98 kg.

“Even if someone wanted to, they would not believe the 98 kg weight”, “Have you weighed 98 kg before? Massacre, who could happen because of it?” , “Mrs. Magosia, I will never believe that you weigh 100 kilograms ..”, “At first glance you can see that this is your bad guy and the inscriptions are badly pasted. I don’t know who is fooling you?” – the fans wrote under the post.

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The scourge of stealing photos

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to use an image of a known person. Not long ago, Agata Młynarska fell victim to a scam, for allegedly “promoting” a drug for intestinal papillomas. In contrast, photos of Martyna Wojciechowska and Anna Mucha have been used without consent to advertise miraculous slimming measures.

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