Manchester United – Villarreal. Where and when will he watch the European League final? Pike is nothing

After Thursday’s matches, we got to know the teams that will be fighting for the cup League of Europe. Teams went to the finals Manchester United, Who clearly defeated Roma on aggregate VillarrealWho turned out to be better than Arsenal.

The stadiums of Letnica Stadium will be filled with fans again during the Europa League FinalTickets for the LE Finals began to be sold in Gdansk. How do you buy tickets? How much

European League Final. When and where will it happen?

This year’s final will be special for Polish fans, as the decisive match for the Cup will be held in Poland. Manchester United will fight for them against Villarreal on the field Arena Gdansk On Wednesday, May 26 at 21:00.

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Poland is a “reserve zone” for UEFA. Lech and Legia Stadium are ready [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #77]

In last year’s edition European Championships Seville won, this was their sixth victory in this competition. Then the Spanish club defeated Inter Milan 3-2 in the final.

Robert Lewandowski completely deleted!  The Germans' decision is incomprehensibleRobert Lewandowski completely deleted! The Germans’ decision is incomprehensible

Villarreal slightly upset the dreams of English fans to fill this year’s European finals. In the end Champions League Two teams from Premier League Manchester City i Chelsea.

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