Marek Kundart is back in Poland! This is where he went when he arrived

Marek Kondrat (70) a few years ago gave up his life in a flash and moved with his wife and daughter to Spain. There he lives a happy life away from the curious paparazzi. Recently, however, the actor can be found on the streets of one of the Polish cities!

Marek Kundrat has completely devoted himself to late parenthood and establishing a happy life with his wife Antonina (33). They have been living together for several years in Spain, where they enjoy freedom and sunshine.

The actor carefully guards his private life, which is why any information about Mark is of great interest among his fans and the audience.

A few days ago, Kondrat was spotted on the streets of Krakow with his beloved daughter and wife. Marek had many important business to bring here.

The couple wandered around the former capital of Poland and marveled at how the city of Krakow had changed. Previously, they were here regularly, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, their rate of travel has decreased dramatically.

The trip to Krakow stirred their feelings. This is where Kundrat’s wife comes from. Unfortunately, after a short visit to Poland, the couple left our country again with honey and milk and returned to hot Spain.

Do you miss the presence of Marek Kondrat in the world of Polish shows?

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