Marilyn Manson accuses the star of the series Game of Thrones of rape! The musician was supposed to be stalking her with SIEKIERA

On Marilyn Manson Dark clouds gather again. At the start of the year, half a dozen female musicians were accused of using violence against them in recent years. Now the case is even more serious, because a lawsuit has been filed against the star. an actress My name is Bianco, Known, among other things, of v Game of thrones, Claims Manson exploited her sexually. Although Bianco was initially involved voluntarily in a relationship with the musician, soon she knew what he was really capable of.

In the lawsuit, Esmé Bianco provided shocking details of the atrocities that allegedly occurred in 2009-2013. The actress is accusing Marlena Mansona a He raped her Also in 2011 Mental and skin abuse. He was a musician, too Chase her around the palace armed with an ax. Moreover, Bianco claims that Manson was beating her, biting her, and even without her permission Her body was cut with a “Nazi knife” during sex.

It took Ms. Bianco years to realize the extent of the physical, sexual and psychological damage she had suffered. Her career has suffered from her mental health, which has been severely damaged by Mr. Warner (Manson’s real name – Editorial note). Mrs. Bianco is suffering a lot A serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and panic attacks Because of Mr. Warner’s actions – We read the accusation.

Marilyn Manson did not hesitate to respond to the charges against him. His reaction came in the form of a statement from attorney Howard E. King.

These claims are false and can be easily proven. To clarify, the lawsuit was not filed even with my clients He did not try to extort money from him Written by Ms. Bianco and her lawyer. They tried to intimidate him by leaking information about events that had never happened. We will fight these unfounded allegations with determination and I am convinced that we will win in court.


Already in January, when it was talked about the damage many women were supposed to suffer at the hands of a musician, Manson asserted that all the fantasies he had achieved in bed were thoroughly discussed with his partners and that only now some people decided, in His opinion, distorts reality by trying to discredit him.

My intimate relationships have always been built on Mutual agreement with like-minded partners. Regardless of how or why, others are now trying to misinterpret the past. this is the truth Manson defended himself.


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