Matura 2021. Distance and hard learning. Przemysław Czarnek – Minister of Education press conference. Matura and eighth grade exam details. Broadcast online Wednesday, April 21 (20/04/2021)

After months of distance learning, it was time to go back to school – but for now, in the course of the exams. Final exams will begin in twelve days or so. What will this year’s high school leaving exam and eighth grade exam look like? Will high school graduates be tested extensively for COVID-19? Details will be provided by the Minister of Education and Science, Przemislav Kosarnik, and the Director of the Central Examination Board, Marcin Smolik. A press conference will be held on Wednesday 21 April. Posting on at around 2:15 p.m.

New restrictions. Conference of the Minister of Health

Last year the whole world, all of Europe, knew that unfortunately the plans that are presented must be corrected due to the fact that the Corona virus …

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Coronavirus – report

Immediately after the long weekend, on May 4, final exams begin.

Przemysław Czarnek Conference

Like last year, due Coronavirus pandemic, Will only be written. How exactly will the exams work? They will answer the most important questions in this matter Head of MEiN Przemysław Czarnek Director of CKE Marcin Smolik.

An online press conference is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21.

2021 exam schedule

Matura exams will start on May 4 and will run until May 20.

• The eighth grade examination will be held from May 25 to 27.

Professional examinations and examinations to confirm professional qualifications will be held in June and July.

Matura 2021 – High School Graduates Mass Tests for COVID-19?

When will the next years be recorded? Dworczyk gave the dates [HARMONOGRAM]

We’ve crossed 9 million vaccinations that were made in Poland and the system is speeding up all the time – Minister Mica Dwarczyk said at the press conference, …

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The Minister of Health said in a radio interview on Tuesday Adam Nideszelski He was asked about the possibility of taking a test for the presence of the Coronavirus among students who take the exam.

– I think our potential and ability to do the tests is so great that we are able to do antigen tests, maybe to do such tests – said the head of the Ministry of Health at Radio ZET. He added that at the present time no decision has been taken in this regard.

Distance and static learning

In turn, from Monday (April 26) it is possible to return to school for grades 1-3, at least in many regions, Education and Science Minister Przemysław Czarnek announced on TVP Info on Tuesday.

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Minister Kazarank on going back to school

The new regulation went into effect

Yesterday an amendment entered the decree of the Minister of Education and Science regarding the temporary restriction of the work of education system units in relation to prevention, prevention and control of COVID-19.

According to her, the suspension of full-time studies in governmental and non-governmental primary schools, high schools, continuing education institutions, vocational training centers, rehabilitation and education centers, and children’s holiday homes has been extended until April 25. Distance learning takes place there. The stable operation of school youth hostels has also been suspended.

New restrictions. Conference of the Minister of Health




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