May 2 solar storm hit Earth? Scientists recorded a burst of plasma on the sun. NASA confirms. What could be the effects of a space storm?

The spot on the sun “scattered” the plasma that was heading towards the Earth. The phenomenon known as a solar storm is actually an intense geomagnetic phenomenon. Experts believe that solar energy particles may reach our planet on May 2. Solar storms can affect the electricity grid and satellites.

New spots on the sun. Scientists warn of space storms

New massive sunspots on the Earth-facing side. Astronomers warn of dangerous flares …

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Sun spray was recorded NASA satellite. Plasma explosions have an arc on the surface of our star. Sunspots are areas that are darker than the sun and are usually cooler than the rest. “Coolness” isn’t necessarily an appropriate statement – because it is The average sunspot temperature does not exceed 3.5 thousand. Degrees Celsius, while in the rest of the surface it is about 5.5 thousand. Degrees.


Sunspots are regions with strong magnetic fields that are so strong that they actually prevent overheating. However, as the magnetic field builds up, pressure increases in sunspots, sometimes resulting in an outbreak known as a solar flare.

When such a glow is thrown into space, it could encounter planets on its way.

Cosmological projections indicate that on May 2 a geomagnetic storm could reach Category G1.

Effects of a solar storm

When solar energy particles collide with Earth – which experts think may happen on Sunday – the result is fluctuations in the power grid and disruption of the satellite network that means our navigation system (GPS) and our smartphones and other electronic devices may have trouble operating. Besides, the effects of the storm shouldn’t be that great on humans – at least not this time. Scientists agree that a strong enough magnetic storm can be unfortunate. NASA indicates that solar storms themselves can last for several hours, although the consequences include for geomagnetism they can last for weeks.

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