“Millionaires.” Which of the following exotic animals live in Poland that might threaten our ecosystem?

On air the television Season nine appeared ‘MillionairesIn the game for a million zlotys, the participants are usually supported by the leader Hubert Urbansky. But in the new version, the rules of the game have changed due to the pandemic, and instead of asking the audience, participants can exchange one difficult question for another.

facebook.com/milionerzytvn“Millionaires.” The question of “Theogonia” of Hesiod deprived the participant of the first circle

“Millionaires.” Question from the program

Anna Wasiak from Warsaw played the role in episode 453 of “Millionaire”. In the previous episode, the participant succeeded in answering the fourth question, which she won with 5,000 zlotys. She still had all of the life buoys to use. Her mother, Cassia, was rooting for her in the crowd. Anna’s streak didn’t last long. In the next question, I used 50:50, and for the rest of the game it was even worse. The seventh question needs more help.

“Millionaires.” Which of the following exotic animals live in the wild in Poland that could threaten our ecosystem?

  • a. Alexandretta Terminal
  • B- Zinc pharmacy
  • C. Chameleon helmet
  • Red ostrich

“Millionaires.” Answer a question from the program

Anna was a little confused after hearing the answer.

Well that’s a question I can’t even imagine that I would be able to fully picture – said the participant.

Answer B – The pharmacy of zinc looked like a plant to it. The answer, “d,” the red ostrich, seemed unlikely to her. She was also not convinced of the C – chameleon worm, because she claimed that she did not suspect that he lived in Poland. In the end, the post stated that she did not have the courage to “shoot”. I asked the teacher about a life buoy – instead of the question. It turned out that the correct answer was a – Alexandrian ring. Hubert Urbański explained that it is a parrot that begins to live and breed in the wild in Poland.

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