Mobile phones manufactured by Oppo and OnePlus have been pulled off the market in Germany because of a patent dispute with Nokia

Oppo and its OnePlus sub-brand have withdrew their handsets from sale in Germany after losing a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia.

Nokia sought for a sales injunction at Mannheim Regional Court, claiming that the two sellers were utilising its 4G and 5G advancements without a licence.

This is the third time that German courts have decided that Oppo is unlawfully selling smartphones that use Nokia’s proprietary technology without a licence and exploiting those technologies without permission.

The EU-China patent dispute

“The Court also concluded that Nokia had behaved lawfully. “We hope that Oppo recognises its responsibilities and renews its licence on reasonable conditions,” we write in our letter.

The patents in dispute are Standards Essential Patents (SEPs), which are breakthroughs that have contributed to industry standards, such as 5G, and may be utilised by anybody providing they pay a reasonable fee for the right. Rates that are fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) are often used to describe them.

As a result, anybody who incorporates a SEP into their product is obligated to pay royalties to the patent’s owner.

Some corporations with substantial SEP portfolios typically impose royalty ceilings to reduce the possibility of going to court over SEP legal challenges. According to Huawei and Nokia, the latter has restricted its royalties at $2.50 per device, while the former has set a maximum of $3.57.

As a result of their compliance with the decision, both Oppo and OnePlus accused Nokia’s exorbitant demands for the legal battle. According to them, they are still dedicated to the German market and are hopeful that the problem can be resolved.

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