Monica Zamachowska already has a new name! The surprises do not end there!

Monica Zamachowska (49 years old) does not intend to wait any longer and deal with her husband’s name. She has just confirmed rumors that she will be rolling back. It is said that the ex-husband does not mind …

The breakup of Monika and Zbyszek Zamachowski has been one of the biggest feelings in recent months.

It was as if their love would last forever. After all, they sacrificed a lot for it years ago.

He left his family, and they had to tighten their belts for the next few years, until they had enough money for Zbichik’s colossal expense.

Unfortunately, the actor took his furniture some time ago and walked away from his ex-girlfriend.

Soon the gossip media reported that the reason was another woman Zamachovsky had a crush on.

These discoveries were finally confirmed by Monica herself. In an interview with the weekly “Wprost”, she admitted that her husband had cheated on her with another.

In the same conversation, she assured him that she would not stand in the way of his happiness, and that she had started a new phase on her own and hoped that she would find a new partner.

“I hope this is not the end of love in my life. It is very difficult to live without love. I need a man in the house. This is going to be” – she said in the weekly.

I also quickly started planning to change the name. It looks like she should be dating “Pietkiewicz” before marrying, but hardly anyone connects her with her.

But her first husband, Will Richardson, said in an interview with “Fact” that he did not mind Monica returning to the name with which she began her media career.

The man declared, “That name made her happy. It’s okay for Monica to be Mrs. Richardson again. Of course, if she just wants that.”

So Monica decided to take advantage of this suggestion. I just confirmed it.

She changed her Instagram account from Zamachowska to Richardson. Also, her new company, which she started with recently, is already working within the domain

The rush is so sudden that the Zamachovsky family has not yet been divorced, and it is not even known that the divorce papers have gone to court.

It seems that Monica Richardson had no intention of waiting for the slow courts and took matters into her own hands.

Soon, he will also participate in training courses where he will talk about financial freedom …

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