More than 2 million people have been infected with COVID-19. What about rehabilitation rehabilitation?

More than 2 million people across the country have already contracted COVID-19, and some continue to complain of troublesome complications after completion of treatment. We know more and more More Details of the ministerial rehabilitation program for convalescence. A rehabilitated patient can rely on at least 96 natural treatments. He has the right to consult the medical staff and can benefit from professional psychotherapy – notifies National Health Fund.

The need to establish systematic support for patients who have defeated the coronavirus and who are currently experiencing post-infection symptoms has been talked about for several months. Patients often report performance problems, memory problems, dizziness, or muscle pain. Due to the nature of the symptoms most common, cardiology clinics in particular are experiencing a real blockade.

– There is an urgent need to establish a post-injury rehabilitation system – comments the professor. Marek Kuzinski, Head of Cardiology and Internal Medicine Department at University Center for Marine and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia. “ We are constantly seeing a large number of patients with symptoms of COVID-19 arriving at the clinic.
Specialists note that basic ECG examinations often do not show any significant deviations from the norm, while subsequent specialist examinations in many cases reveal changes in the area of ​​the myocardial wall. Symptoms usually disappear after a few weeks, but each case must be checked by a specialist.

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Coronavirus disease is not the end of problems

Similar signals came from the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the University Center for Marine and Tropical Medicine, where patients are referred after infection for further diagnosis. The Gdynia Center is one of the few institutions providing care to patients after COVID-19. The Ministry of Health now wants to address the matter in a systematic way. In our country, more than 2 million people have been infected with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, often after winning the disease, they suffer from many diseases that greatly limit their activity in social and professional life – indicates Adam Nideszelski, Minister of Health. We cannot allow a wide range of convalescence to be excluded from normal functioning. We must help them recover fully.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Offices – in private and in the Tri-City National Health Trust

The nature of the care will depend on the condition of the patients who will receive, among other things, outpatient or home treatment. In addition, patients with more serious complications will be treated in rehabilitation departments, rehab centers and spas. The program begins no later than six months after the end of treatment. Patients will be cared for for a period of 2 to 6 weeks.

Any medical entity will be able to apply for such services and, of course, meet the established criteria, Niedzielski said. There will be no competition, but a list of the National Health Trust will appear. Services will be provided both in the rehabilitation departments, as well as in outpatient and in the patient’s home cases.

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What is the rehabilitation qualification?

Patients wishing to participate in the rehabilitation program will need to provide a valid referral. The policy is issued by the health insurance doctor after the end of treatment and based on detailed examinations. This includes a chest X-ray with a description made after treatment of the acute stage of the disease, measurements of current morphology, taking into account ESR and CRP parameters, as well as an electrocardiogram.

Massages, exercises and inhalations.

Patients who qualify for rehabilitation can at least benefit from it 96 physical treatments. Most importantly, the convalescence should be in constant contact with medical personnel, as well as obtain psychological treatment. In addition, during the implementation of the program, additional tests will be carried out and, if necessary, drug therapy will be used.

  • Movement therapy with special emphasis on endurance training, breathing exercises, effective coughing exercises, general fitness exercises, and outdoor exercises;
  • Chest tapping and tapping, postural drainage;
  • Single inhalation (saline solution – halogen, mineral, medicinal treatment) or ocean or seashore inhalation or underground treatment;
  • Therapy, gait training.
  • Balneotherapy – according to individual indications, including:
  • Spas (with a temperature gradient), in particular carbonic acid baths
  • And / or carbon dioxide baths
  • And / or clay paste compresses;
  • Massage – according to individual indications;
  • Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy – according to individual indications;
  • Relaxation training
  • Health education and health promotion, including, for example, learning the correct technique for inhaler use, elimination of addiction and other risk factors for lifestyle diseases, and pro-health lifestyle changes;
  • Nutritional therapy – according to individual indications;
  • Rehabilitation support for comorbidities.

In contrast, treatment progress must be monitored through a series of studies. Patients will, among other things, undergo exercise tests, an assessment of the severity of shortness of breath or a spirometry analysis.

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The Ministry of Health announced that rehabilitation services after infection with the virus will be able to be provided by the reported entities that provide rehabilitation services in fixed treatment or spa treatment, and they have a contract with the National Health Fund and are included in the list of entities that provide Covid services. Preparedness centers can actually submit reports to the National Health Fund.

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