Mr. Marcin lost 13 kg in Projekt Zdrowie!

(Advertisement) If you thought there were too many obstacles in your life to achieve your weight loss goal, you are wrong! Stable work? No time to prepare meals? Frequent departures and travels?

If someone cares – he will find a way. If someone does not care – he will find an excuse. This sentence reveals a lot of the truth. On the other hand, we are often unable to organize our meal plan in such a way that it adapts to work / family / trips and achieves the expected results. At such moments, it is worth going to a specialist who is able to prepare meals so that you can achieve the goal you care for without difficulty and prepare long-lasting meals. This is what Mr. Marcin – the hero of this transformation has done.

1. What prompted you to start treatment?
It prompted me to take the therapy with the desire to shed unnecessary pounds that were beginning to interfere with my daily activities, but also out of curiosity about a healthy lifestyle.

2. How did you find out about the health project office?
I learned about the health project clinic from my friend.

3. What prompted you to stick to the diet?
My drive to stick to the diet was the small goals I set before, which I accomplished in succession during treatment.

4. What would you say to people who are overweight and don’t think you can lose weight?
Like you, I couldn’t believe you could lose weight, and that you had to live with the unnecessary Kilograms, struggled at every step, worried about health And there is an eternal problem with buying clothes … Nothing is worse! All it takes is a little desire, a little persistence and you can make it happen Dream figure.

5. Are you satisfied with the results you have achieved so far?
I am very pleased with the results I have achieved so far under the guidance of your dietitian. Better looks, better frame of mind, everything is a plus!

6. How would you encourage others to visit our Diet Center?
If you are tired of extra weight, want to change your current lifestyle, do not hesitate anymore, visit G Cabinet Projekt Zdrowie! Nutritionist will help you and you will not regret it!

If you want to fight for a better version of yourself, we invite you to the office of Projekt Zdrowie, where a nutritionist will help you achieve the results of your dreams. Everyone can achieve their success!

We also offer the possibility to use Free consultationYou will analyze your body composition, and our specialist will suggest the appropriate treatment.

Dare to change and subscribe Free consultation With a dietitian at the phone number: 530330107 Or by using the contact form

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