National Reconstruction Program. The KPO was accepted by the government. Voltaire Puda: Document sent to the European Commission

The Council of Ministers approved the National Reconstruction Program on Friday – said Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Voltaire Puda. The document was sent to the European Commission, he stressed. From the EU Reconstruction Fund, Poland will have about 58 billion euros at its disposal. This amounts to 23 23.9 billion in subsidies and 34 34.2 billion in debt.

On Friday afternoon, the National Reconstruction Program was released on government websites after public consultations until April 30.

Late on Friday evening, Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Voltaire Puda announced on social media that the plan had been approved by the Council of Ministers.

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As the Deputy Minister said earlier in the day, changes to the document are still possible after talks with the European Commission. – Today we are submitting this document informally and we are providing an opportunity for discussion and technical dialogue with the European Commission – said Puda.

From the reconstruction fund, Poland will have about 58 billion euros in its possession. This amounts to 23 23.9 billion in subsidies and 34 34.2 billion in debt.

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Reservation of local authorities

The National Reconstruction Program is awakening in the form prepared by the government Controversy among local government officials.

The mayor of Warsaw, Rafa Trasaskovsky, stressed at the conference on Friday that reconstruction funding was a great opportunity, but – as he added – the fund’s funding was “for all, equally – rural, urban and major cities”. – This fund will become the fund of only one party, the Bais election fund. The mayor of Warsaw said there should be clear, transparent criteria.

On Friday, a joint committee meeting of the government and local government was held. It lasted about 3 hours and was related to the format of the National Reconstruction Program. The local government party has called for more work on the national reconstruction plan.

Although the government introduced some changes in the draft of the National Reconstruction Plan, in accordance with the expectations of local governments, the Executive Committee of the Association of Polish Cities adopted a position in which it indicated that it could not yet give a positive opinion on the document.

Above all, ZMP expects to create co-hosts of voidodeship self-governments to define the form of the monitoring committee for implementing the KPO and provide real-time capabilities (e.g. in the form of approval of project selection criteria). Disbursement of funds from the Reconstruction Fund, as well as equalization of loans and grants of KPO funds to local governments. With government administration.

National Reconstruction Program

The National Reconstruction Program is the basis for raising funds from the Reconstruction Fund. Such a document must be prepared by each member state – according to the original deadline – and submitted to the European Commission by Friday, April 30.

The Vice President of MFiPR explained that the European Commission had extended the deadline for sending the KPO by two weeks because not all EU member states had prepared it.

In Poland, the KPO will take the form of a government resolution subject to further legislative procedures in parliament.

In turn, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved a draft law approving the decision to increase own resources in the EU budget, which was submitted to the SEZ. Approval of this legislation will depend on the EU budget for 2021-2027 and the instrument of reconstruction and increasing recession (known as the Reconstruction Fund), which means that Poland will receive a total of 70 770 billion in the coming years.

Sezm is due to handle the bill at an additional meeting next Tuesday.

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Key Photo Source: Christian Maze / Chancellor of the Prime Minister

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