Netherlands: All right. 1.6 million jobs in “zombie industries” at risk of liquidation

In the Netherlands, about 1.6 million people will lose their jobs due to digitalisation in the coming years, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) estimates that the corona virus outbreak has accelerated this process, which is estimated to be “zombie jobs” artificially maintained by government programs.

The Dutch branch of PwC released a statement on Tuesday on “How to save dangerous jobs”. This shows that every year 400,000 people lose their jobs in the Netherlands.

Thanks to programs used by the government to keep “zombie jobs” alive artificially, there has been no significant job loss so far, but PwC says that will change once government funding is exhausted.

PwC chief economist John Willem Weldhuisen points out that jobs in the transport, tourism, entertainment and retail businesses are under threat, “many of which will be of lesser importance in the future.”

According to the authors of the report published on the company’s website, the liquidation process will be a by-product of digitalization and will be accelerated by the corona virus infection.

“Companies focus more on work away from home, and they often invest in online sales channels” – PwC believes.

However, the authors of the report estimate that in four out of five cases, individuals who may lose their jobs in the future have useful skills elsewhere. For example, so-called employees of many of the customer service departments can use their skills in call centers in management positions, and flight attendants have many features.

According to the Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS), unemployment in the Netherlands is one of the lowest in the European Union, followed by Poland and the Czech Republic at 3.5 percent.

Andrzej Pavlovchek from Amsterdam

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