Netherlands, Finord-Ajax game. More explosions in Amsterdam

On Friday evening in Amsterdam, a ballot exploded on the Walk West, a hotel popular among Ajax football club fans. Meanwhile, police arrested a suspect in a case of Thursday-Friday night-time explosions in Rotterdam.

Explosions in the Netherlands: There is a reaction from the Polish Foreign Ministry

The Polish Foreign Ministry has responded to a series of explosions at Polish shops in the Netherlands. – We returned to the Kingdom Embassy in the Netherlands with expressions of concern …

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Dutch police report another explosion. This time it was chosen as the destination for the Wak West Cafe in West Amsterdam. No one was injured.

Since it is a popular meeting place for supporters of the local football club Ajax Amsterdam, police suspect a connection to the blast. It happened in Rotterdam on Thursday night.

On Saturday morning, police detained a 21-year-old Amsterdam resident suspected of being complicit in planting explosives in Rotterdam.

There will be a match between Ajax and Finnord in Rotterdam on Sunday. Fearing riots, police announced they would download reinforcements from other cities.


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