Netherlands. Labor migrants without entitlement to the COVID-19 vaccine. This also applies to the poles

The problem may be more than 250,000. People, mainly from Central and Eastern European countries. According to Home Ministry estimates, this number was not recorded in the Municipal Database (BRP) in 2019.

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Netherlands: Vaccines for Labor Immigrants

As a result of the non-recording of information provided by the investigative journalism site “Investigo” on Monday, these individuals were not included in the plan Vaccines Against Corona virus.

– Microny Making money Ashish Brahma, a doctor at GGT North and East Gilderland, says they are more likely to be infected because they live, work and are brought closer to each other. Immigrants Making money. “It is very wise to include them in vaccines,” says Brahma.

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Four months later Netherlands Labor immigrants are required to register with the municipal registry, but many do not. However, according to information provided to the media by the Ministry of Health, only employees registered with the BRP will be vaccinated.

Trade Unions in Support of Immigrant Vaccines

Kitty Zhang, vice president of the FNV union, quoted by Investigo as saying that the exclusion of this group of workers from the immigration group was unacceptable. The union announced the speeches to Health Minister Hugo de Jong Application Change this situation.

These individuals often work in key occupations and are eligible for the same protection as others. Zhang says the whole situation shows that immigrants are often considered second-class citizens in the Netherlands.

Novavox is developing a vaccine against COVID-19NovaVox plans to vaccinate the EU in late 2021.

“All migrant workers – whether registered with the municipality or not – make health insurance contributions,” Bert Neister, a virologist at the University Medical Center in Groningen, told the portal. In his opinion, Ms.In. They should be vaccinated for this reason.


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