Netherlands. The artist who questioned the infected lands in the hospital with Kovit-19

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Until recently, artist Rachel Welberg’s nickname MC Buxhe was actively involved in the movement to question the harm of the corona virus. He took part in anti-government protests Protests Was particularly active on social media against the restrictions introduced in relation to the epidemic.

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Netherlands. Corona virus denies artist at hospital

According to Dutch media, he was admitted to hospital in critical condition last week. She had trouble breathing.

Welberg, who until recently believed that the corona virus was “harmless” Fever“Now it says”Virus This is not a joke. ”He told his Instagram stories fans he feels better now and will be coming home soon.

Meanwhile, according to the daily “Alzheimer’s Dogplot”, more and more young people infected with the corona virus are being hospitalized. “Not only is the average age of Covid-19 patients declining, but there has been a significant increase in the number of seriously ill young people who need to be hospitalized as a whole,” the article says.

The increase in the number of young patients occurs in intensive care units and routine departments. Experts quoted in the press stressed the need to expedite the vaccination process for young people.

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The daily “Metro” announced the decision on Saturday rz ± du Regarding further easing of restrictions. Contrary to previous announcements, gyms and museums will not be open from May 11. “Hospital stays are still high,” Health Minister Hugo de Jong wrote on Twitter.

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