Netherlands: Trains not running due to strike in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Utrecht –

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According to the RTL station, normal train traffic will not be restored until about 10 p.m.

FNV Spur union members have announced they will stop work every day from 6-8am to Saturday when traffic is heavy.

Access roads to Amsterdam are busier than usual. The media speculates that people who usually go to work on the train have switched to cars.

Union members are demanding a new collective agreement with their employer, Borrel. Local television station N.H. According to News, the parties cannot accept the increased amount.

FNV Spur released a press release expressing dissatisfaction with the need to launch industrial action. “Everyone knows and understands that it is very difficult and tough, but we hope that it is not necessary to organize the second round of operations” – you can read on the association’s website.

The RTL station said further action would be taken in The Hague, Rotterdam, Tartrech and Russendal on Thursday after the strike on Wednesday. On Friday, demonstrations will take place in Groningen, Seoul, Eindhoven, Maastricht and Arnhem.

The nationwide 24-hour strike is set to begin at 5 a.m. Saturday. Rail traffic will then be suspended throughout the Netherlands.

Regional GGT clinics in the areas where the protests are taking place are warning of a morning train disruption, which could translate into a vaccination process against Govt-19.

Andrzej Pavlovchek (BAP) from Amsterdam

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