Neuralink will not build your Jurassic Park

The Neuralink company set up by Elon Musk does not have the technology to “build Jurassic Park,” despite reports that have appeared in the media in recent days. Thus, Neuralink is in no way involved in dinosaur DNA projects.

Last week, it was reported in several publications that “Neuralink has the technology to build a true Jurassic Park.” The comments, according to the New York Post, were attributed to Max Hudak, co-founder of Neuralink.

He reads Max Hodak’s tweet: “We’d probably build a jurassic park if we wanted to. It’s not going to be genetically original dinosaurs, but maybe 15 years of breeding and engineering to get new super-exotic species.”

The tweet, and the subsequent biodiversity statement, did not refer to Neuralink, but that did not stop the speculation, possibly due to Hodak’s use of the word “we.” Hodak appears to have meant humanity and not the company he co-founded, but that cannot be inferred from the reports that still flow.

However, reviving dinosaurs is nearly impossible. Mankind will have a hard time building Jurassic Park over the next fifteen years because we don’t really have the DNA of these prehistoric monsters. It wouldn’t be possible to use the maneuver known from the movie, as the mosquito DNA was taken in the amber and combined with the frog’s DNA.

However, other recently extinct animals, such as the woolly mammoth, may be a good target for “resurrection.” We can still extract DNA from these creatures, and in theory, we could build and implant a giant embryo in a modern elephant. The question is: Should we?

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