Niedzielski on Close: There are costs, but there are also profits

The economy freeze cannot be seen only in the category of losses – says Adam Nidzelsky. The health minister said the restrictions have paid off.

A complete lockout It brought many companies to the brink of bankruptcy: the industry’s indebtedness increased by hundreds of millions of zlotys and became more and more real Mass layoffs Because there are no prospects for running a business. Bowie Boris, the head of the Political Finance Watch, said the lockdown could be lifted later than the government had been hoping for.

In an interview with “Sieci”, Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski did not agree with the statement A complete lockout It only brings losses to the economy and the Poles and has indicated that the restrictions have also brought us profits.

Close is profitable too. Niedzielski in an interview about limitations

pandemic Covid-19 Change the world and there will be no return to life by the Coronavirus. The threat to humanity immediately demonstrated just how fragile civilization really is and how little it takes for it to begin to have an effect.

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Entrepreneurs view the lockdown, which has been in place in Poland since March 2020, as a cause of losses and a contribution to the shutdown of previously booming businesses. Some companies that were cut off from earning opportunities did not get state aid, which worsened their position – NIK dealt with the issue.

The Health Minister did not have optimistic news for the Poles: Niedzelski said it was emerging Coronavirus mutations They are so different that we are dealing with diseases that are very different from one another. He added, “We will certainly live in an atmosphere of greater danger.”

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Olga Semenyuk

The head of the Ministry of Health disagreed with the assessment that the closure only brought us losses.

(…) There are costs, but there are also profits, because the goal is to save the lives and health of many people, and when we notice the effects of the restrictions imposed, so far we are successful. But we can also see that while a year ago the so-called lockdown caused a sharp decline in social mobility, so today it is much worse, as demonstrated, for example, by mobile data analytics.

Adam Nideszelski

Profits from closing are lives saved – if not Restrictions, More Poles will die from COVID-19. The minister added that the restrictions are the simplest response to the threat.

A complete lockout In its current form, it will be in effect until April 18, 2021, but everything indicates that the government will decide to extend it for the coming weeks.

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