North Korea has severed diplomatic ties with Malaysia

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North Korea on Friday severed diplomatic ties with Malaysia in protest of the extradition of a North Korean man to the United States by the Southeast Asian Supreme Court.

A report by the Pyongyang Foreign Ministry, quoted by the KCNA news agency, led to the severance of diplomatic relations, with Malaysian authorities submitting to US pressure and allowing the extradition of a North Korean citizen. The decision is seen as a hostile move against North Korea.

Thursday at the U.S. Soul Emjong is said to have been “involved in formal foreign trade” before being released to authorities. The news agency said the allegation against him for engaging in money laundering was a fabrication.
On March 3, Malaysia’s Supreme Court dismissed a recent appeal to extradite a North Korean man to the United States, where they want to sue for money laundering.

Former Sol Majong lived with his family in Malaysia for a decade, where he was arrested in 2019 following a request handed over to Washington. The U.S. has been accused of embezzling money through cover companies to avoid international sanctions. The person in court denied the allegations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
According to his lawyers, he has four regular money laundering and two ordinary money laundering conspiracies.

Authorities have not released what assets the man may have exported from Singapore to North Korea.

The United Nations, the United States and other countries have imposed punitive measures against Pyongyang, banning the export of certain products to North Korea in response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. (M.D.I., D.W.)

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