Not just Tyskie and Warka, but Carlo Rossi and canned champagne. The new direction has arrived in Poland

According to data from Grand View Research, in 2019 alone, wine was poured into cans worth more than US $ 70 million in the world. According to expectations, this amount will rise to 155 million dollars within a few years. This trend is also visible in Poland.

– Over 60% sparkling wines make up the share, followed by fortified wines, Magdalena Zelenska, president of the Polish Wine Board, says about the wine box market. Regular classic wine is the smallest of this fraction. Interestingly, the development of this trend is driven by the purchasing decisions of Millennials and Generation X, especially in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Australia – notes Magdalena Zielińska.

In Poland, wine is poured into cans, among other things, by the JNT group, which sells the Monte Santi brand, for example, in Pedronka. The Carlo Rossi and Wine Not brands also have their own aluminum packaging.


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Error Canned food is one of the most important trends at the moment, and it has perfectly matched the needs and new consumer behavior brought about by the epidemic and the restrictions. Poles are keen to seek asylum and spend time outdoors. Small and light, put it in a bag or backpack and take it on a jungle hike or barbecue – says JNT’s Jacob Nowak.

Another company, JF Hillebrand Poland, exports canned wines. Currently, a standard batch of 800 containers with aluminum cans was shipped to Mexico a few months ago. Most often, companies decide what kind of thin packaging, that is, with a capacity of 250 ml. So it is a much smaller fraction of the beer that naturally binds to the can.


The second visible trend in the market is the sale of large packages i.e. bag in box. These are paper boxes on the outside, inside of which there is an airtight plastic bottle filled with wine, with a spout. Thanks to this, this type of “open” drink can be used for up to several weeks.


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