Occupied beds, occupied breathing apparatus. The Ministry of Health has released new data

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 patients currently occupy 33,253 beds in hospitals. 3,443 of them are connected to respirators. The number of occupied beds and ventilators has decreased compared to Wednesday’s data.

Hospitals are short of 653 patients. The number of respirators seized was 14 less.

The health ministry said yesterday that there were 33,906 people infected with the corona virus in hospitals (less than 713 patients a day). On that day, the number of occupied breathing apparatus was also low – 3,457 units, 57 less than the previous day.

On Tuesday, 34,619 govt beds were occupied and 3,513 patients were connected with ventilators. The day before, the data were as follows: At 33,990 hospitals, including 3,483 patients in need of ventilator support.

Exactly one week ago, on April 8, COVID-19 patients occupied 34,864 beds and 3,362 ventilators.

The Ministry of Health said 45,869 beds and 4,503 ventilators were currently being prepared for COVID-19 patients.

352,951 have been isolated. So far, 2,238,638 people have recovered.

– This is the third wave of apology based on the number of cases we have had in previous weeks, but now this wave is spreading through hospitals – the head of the Ministry of Health Adam Nidzilsky told a news conference on Wednesday.

– In both the infrastructure of the hospital and the infrastructure related to the ventilator beds, we have a safety buffer, which guarantees that we will be able to face such a challenge in the event of post-holiday illness – he promised.

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