Ogerzysky was completely surprised by the class. “I got a confirmation from the CEO,” Baconon said

Stal Mielec has seven games before the end of the season Coach Leszek Ojrzyński was fired. The team is last in the table, but a little behind Podbeskidzie and Krakow.

David Chimzak: Are you surprised?

Leszek Ogerzynski: very. We were close to the final in a row, seven games a month. I thought we’d be fighting together for the rest of the season. I received such confirmation before the Warta match. There was a conversation with the president so that I wouldn’t worry about anything, nor listen to any speculation, nor read what they wrote. I didn’t get much experience anyway, because for ten days I was banished from club life due to the coronavirus. Not many of these assurances have come out.

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Like this conversation gave you peace?

No, nowhere! There is no peace in this profession, especially when you are fighting for survival. The team was last and in such a situation you always have to take into account that the bosses could face something. I’m a little bit trained already, I’ve run into a lot. When I was coach in Zaberzi, I was preparing the team for the match against WhyI have also heard such assurances from President Gurnik. After the match, I was fired.

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Stal chief explained his decision?

I spoke to the president. He said there were bad results, last in the table. And that’s it. Apparently, the club doesn’t believe in this project anymore and they will introduce the new coach shortly.

TVP Sport has informed that he will replace Mr Włodzimierz Gąsior.

Local coach. He will try to correct some things.

Do you think Staal will be able to survive in the league?

This does not mean that we will succeed, but that we will work for it. This is how we prepared the team to be in great shape for this seven-game marathon at the end of the season. Recently, we had a few very important players, because COVID has caught us, but now they are coming back and the team will be ready to play the finale on their own terms. It’s just one point for Podbyskidze, Bielsko-Biaa, and three points for Krakow. We had another game in reserve. But this is further from me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the sake of Stal’s survival, as I’ve left some heart and health in the club.

You never hit the wall? Did you have any more ideas to keep Stal in the league?

There was still a piece to keep. We were lucky that Podbeskidzie didn’t win either, so Are fighting It will likely continue until the end. I actually managed to stay in the last rounds with two teams, which is nothing new for me. I got used to stress or tension. We had – I mean Stal has – four more home matches, three trips and he can win any of them. Here was a personality test. You’ve always told guys that you know guys the way they end up, not when they start out.

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One win, four draws, four defeats this spring. Important victories with Legia in azienkowska and Podbeskidzie. How would you rate your achievements at Stal?

Too early, we’re talking hot. There were definitely matches we should have won, where we were better, and we ended up scoring. We have been defeated many times worthily. Too much for that. At Stal, I’m given one mission: Maintaining the Team. We have not lost the opportunity, but I will not be assigned to complete it. My work can be easily evaluated on May 16th. If Steele keeps, the job is done. But on May 16th, I’ll be sitting in front of the TV.

Are you angry that someone failed to keep their promise, disappointed with the results, or unable to play the endgame without you?

A little bit of everything. I test it because I hate situations where you have an opportunity, but you take advantage of it. On the one hand, a boss hired me, and the other fired me. I had a plan, I wanted to walk my way, the chances were, after the Corona virus I went back to myself, we had difficult preparations for the Warta River, and we drew up, so it is a pity that this week I will not do work on correcting certain things, and introducing the recovered players to the team. There was already a plan for Zagłębie Lubin, my assistant was in the match, so we had conclusions ready.

For the second time this season, Stal fired the coach at an unexpected moment. Your predecessor, Dariush Scrzybchak, was also astonished. He said he received no warning signals. Aren’t you afraid that this might be the case for you?

At the time, I was so hungry for work after difficult life experiences that I didn’t even think about these terms. I wanted to work in it First LeagueI got an offer, I didn’t think much. Piotr Turek called me from Warta and we talked that he is a specialist in releasing Stal coaches. Coach Skrzypczak and I were sent off after the match with Warta. In that regard, it will be easier for me, because he will not be playing with the Poznan players this season.

Organization: Stal Mielec. Is there anything about it?

I’ll leave it to myself. I’ve been through certain things here, and I’ve been through difficulties, but I don’t want to comment on that. I knew which club I would join and fight to keep it. Maybe back to the last line. I succeeded, but the club would fight for existence without me. I sincerely wish you good luck.

What’s Next? The regulations keep you from working until the end of this season.

There is hunger. Why are you resting here? It was just ten meetings or so, I was gathering energy at the end of the season.

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