Oleńka from Lubasz bravely fights for health and life. You can support her in this fight

Fate Oleńka suffered cruelly in the first moments of her life! Critical illnesses with which she was born impeded her and the daily struggle to regain independence. This battle is costing us a lot of effort, pain, and sacrifice, and unfortunately, it is costing us enormous costs.

Alexandra Ortel of Lubbach is 7 and has suffered more than many adults. Each zloty has an effect on its efficiency and health.

During her early days, Ola – as we read on siepomaga.pl – underwent three operations. Excessively accumulating cerebrospinal fluid in the head required immediate intervention and valve replacement surgery. Then it was necessary to repair the hernia and remove part of the intestine. It can embarrass many seniors’ range of experiences. And yet there is a whole life ahead of her …

– Participating in a rehabilitation establishment for our daughter can be compared to winning a two-week trip to warm countries. This is the best thing for a disabled child. The effects of many hours of body stimulation each day during an stay can be compared to the many months of working with a rehabilitation specialist at home. This is an amazing energy boost for Olika – say the girl’s parents.

The fight for health has cost Ola a lot of pain, toil and sacrifice. Unfortunately it also consumes a great deal of money …. hence the support request.

Nothing hurts as much as being aware that a lack of money is one of the obstacles to your child’s enjoyment of being healthy and fit

Ola needs three things to get back in shape. Love of parents who, despite many hardships, do not abandon them, struggle for each new day, Ola’s cheerful smile and the opportunity for fitness sponsoring a long list of specialists who help her find the way, thanks to which Ola will regain her fitness and kind people, thanks to them She’ll get a chance to reach her next small and great peaks. Will you help her with this?

You can help by clicking on this link OLA Help Or by participating in auctions on Facebook Auctions for Olusia


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