Olga Freese left the baby in the car and went to the store!

Paparazzi snapped pictures of Olga Frikkz (34) when she decided to do a quick shopping, leaving her daughter in the car.

The actress that we can watch, among other things in the series “M jak miłość” became a mother in September 2018.

The star has a daughter, she and the girl’s father decided to name Helenka.

Even though they are no longer a married couple, they are friends, they even go on vacation together and above all, they are raising their daughter together.

After Helenka’s birth, Olga Frycz creates a separate profile on Instagram, where she deals strictly with parenting topics.

However, recently she has done something that is completely counter to correct behavior towards the child.

According to Super Express, the actress left her daughter in the car while shopping at the pharmacy.

“Downtown, chic Mokotowska Street, which the stars love even. Actress Olga Fritsch leaves her car on the sidewalk. She gets off and goes to the pharmacy across the street. She leaves it for only 2.5 years. Old daughter in the car seat. Young Helenka is awake and looking out. The car window. The front door window of the car was tilted “- we read in se.pl.

Although it may have been just a moment, specialists have been sounding the alarm for years for not leaving children in the car even for a short time, and not just in the summer when the car is warm

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