One in ten disappears from the antenna? TVP issued a statement

“One in ten” will disappear from TVP? The station issued a statement regarding rumors that the game’s popular program had expired.

Or game showOne in ten“Are you really going to disappear from Polish TV? This rumor resulted from the unusual ending of the show by host Tadeusz Sznuk. The presenter used to invite everyone to the following episodes, but this time he surprised viewers by simply saying:”We thank the viewers for their presence. And it’s over. “.

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Viewers of the show became anxious about what they would later express on the web. They pointed out that during the hours of the broadcast of “One in Ten”, there are no new episodes planned this time. Questions have been raised about whether the new season will be implemented. And those who tried to apply for the show unsuccessfully stated that the new episodes apparently weren’t recorded.

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One in ten will disappear from TVP? The station issued a statement

After some time, the floor was taken by a representative of the Euromedia TV producer. In an interview with, he revealed that the collaboration between production and TVP had been very difficult for some time. In turn, Tadeusz Sznock himself, when asked about more episodes, did not confirm or deny anything. Now, Telewizja Polska has taken the floor.

An official statement issued by TVP denied the disappearance of “one in ten” from the air. It has been confirmed that talks will be held with the manufacturer and negotiations are underway on terms of cooperation. At the same time, it was confirmed that the tournament would continue to be scheduled under the rights already acquired – that is, in the field of rebroadcast. In the statement, the producers accused of using the old asymmetric collaboration model in which TVP plays the role of an “automated teller machine and advertising column”.

In order to begin production of a series of subsequent programs, TVP is currently negotiating with the producer of the game show regarding the terms of continued cooperation. Product expectations exceed TVP standards and cannot be met. This is another case when an outside producer uses the previously practiced unequal collaboration model, by which TVP has given the spin-off entertainment software producer the rights to curate and script, acting as an ATM and advertising column itself. This model of cooperation and production gave the product a privileged position and the possibility to escalate more and more favorable conditions for the production of the programs, which it promoted on TVP channels.“.

As mentioned later in the statement, Telewizja Polska wants to focus on those programs in which she has rights, in order to build her character as a producer. It is also confirmed that the changes in question were already revealed when the model of other known programs was changed.

For several years, Telewizja Polska’s policy has been to build its own character as a producer, and therefore its goal is to mainly develop those products in which it has rights. In recent years, Telewizja Polska has already changed the production model for several well-known and popular shows, such as: “Va banque” and “Jaka to melodia?” And “Wheel of fortune” and the development or introduction of new programs, which have any rights, for example: “Chance for success”, “Dance dance”, “A year has passed!” , “Sanatorium of Love.” In the case of forms in which an outside product has the right, for example “one in ten”, such productions can be continued by TVP only when the producer accepts the principles of full partnership of cooperation and expectations do not rise beyond the current standards of strength in TVP– reads the statement.

Finally, Telewizja Polska expresses its belief in a positive conclusion of the negotiations.

Telewizja Polska will not enter into any unfavorable agreements. These times ended irreversibly a few years ago. Television is relying on the party-friendly conclusion of negotiations over the “One in Ten” game program, which is certainly what viewers expect.“.

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