OnePlus recently provided the silliest confirmation of its new smartwatch specifications

OnePlus is known for its method of gradually teasing its upcoming products, but with the upcoming Nord Watch, this strategy appears to have backfired.

The company has prepared a dedicated webpage for this affordable smartwatch on its Indian-region website (opens in new tab). Scheduled for September 24 is information about the watch’s display refresh rate, and September 26 promises fitness-related details.

Yet another feature of the website has leaked the secret too soon. Because there’s a quiz on the page where you can win the watch by correctly guessing its specifications… and one question reveals the answers.

The fifth and final question asks, “What are the major features of the OnePlus Nord Watch?” Each of the four choices describes a different set of capabilities for the watch. By the time the product is released, I hope we’ll know for sure which is true.

Wrong. It doesn’t take a sleuth to figure out which is true. Because only one of the multiple-choice responses includes the fact that OnePlus has confirmed the device will have a 45mm AMOLED screen.

In light of this answer, we can now extrapolate certain details about the OnePlus Nord Watch. The battery will last for 10 days, the display will refresh at 60 frames per second, there will be 105 different fitness modes, and there will be a “Women Health Feature” (which is a rather clinical term for cycle tracking).

Weird internal leakage

The reveal of this data was supposed to occur gradually over the course of a week of teases, but this multiple-choice quiz has spoiled the surprise.

It’s unfortunate that this overshadows OnePlus’s marketing efforts, but we understand that this is the company’s usual practise, and that it can be frustrating for customers who are eager to learn about an upcoming release.

Many questions remain about the tool. In other words, what exactly are the 105 different ways to exercise? Inquiring minds want to know: what exactly is the strap constructed from? What sort of a price tag can we anticipate? However, this is not the sort of thing we normally hear in OnePlus’ tease cycle and is likely to be saved for a launch event.

The OnePlus may spend the next week merely confirming the specifications it has already told us about, or it may decide to change up its pre-launch hype machine to give us information that it hasn’t already accidentally confirmed. In that case, you might want to tune out the brand for the next week.

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