Operating rules for schools and institutions from April 19 – Ministry of Education and Science

Preschool education institutions

From April 19, 2021, stable operation of kindergartens and other forms of preschool education and preschool units in primary schools will be restored.

Sports activities in schools

From Monday April 19, 2021 It will be possible to conduct sports activities on the basis of sports training programs In place of their behavior or at a distance – only to the extent that the athletic training program allows them to be carried out using these methods and techniques.

This applies to the following schools: elementary sports schools, sports leagues, with sports departments, sports tournament administrations, secondary sports, secondary sports leagues, sports departments of public secondary schools, and sports leagues departments of public secondary schools.

Principles of practical education for candidates taking vocational education examinations

From Monday, April 19 this year. Students and learners who take a professional exam or exam confirming qualifications in a profession In the June and July session of this year, they can conduct lessons in practical vocational training (practical classes and vocational training) fixed in the place of their conduct, while maintaining the health system, under specific regulatory conditions.

Practical classes and apprenticeships can be conducted as part of the practical apprenticeship training for these students in groups that allow for social distancing, on specific days of the week, not to exceed 16 hours per week. This applies to schools that provide vocational training, vocational training centers, and continuing education institutions that provide practical vocational training as part of vocational or continuing education.

Practical vocational training with employers

In accordance with the rules applicable to workplaces, it will also be possible to conduct practical professional training with employers or on individual farms. The provisions for apprenticeships for students of the highest curricular and semester classes studying in marine professions and practical apprenticeships (practical classes and apprenticeships) have been preserved in schools that teach the profession of firefighter.

Training courses for third-grade juvenile workers for first-class vocational schools

Third grade students from first-class vocational schools, who are young employees, will take practical lessons with their employers, unless there are any incidents at the employer’s premises which, due to the current epidemiological situation, may pose a threat to their health.

Schools and other institutions

In schools and other institutions, the current restrictions in effect have been extended until April 25 this year.

Legal basis:

Decree issued by the Minister of Education and Science on April 15, 2021 amending the Decree on Temporary Restrictions on the Work of Education System Units in Relation to Prevention, Prevention and Control of COVID-19.

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Ministry of Education and Science

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