Or at first sight. Iza was jealous of the whole. It is about another woman. “It can start a rampant conflict.”

It will be revealed next week which couple will win in the fifth edition ‘Wedding at first sight’. Meanwhile, there was a huge tension between Izza and Kamel. She didn’t like participating in the show … another woman was visiting her partner.

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“Wedding at first sight.” Iza was jealous of the whole

While Iza was not at home, a friend visited Camilla. However, the man did not directly admit that his guest was another woman, but only wrote a short, short message that he was a guest. Eza did not intend to remain silent about this situation, and at the earliest opportunity there was a confrontation between the spouses. The woman accused the man, among other things, that if she had not asked herself who had visited him in her absence, she would not have confessed.

You invited her, right? (…) Can’t you meet at a neutral location? Going out to a cafe or something? – I asked her husband.

Kamel explained that one of the friends had passed for a while and that there was nothing between them.

“Wedding at first sight.” Viewers comment

Iza Viewers Behavior section. Some believe that Iza was right to hold a grudge against her husband. Others felt her jealousy was unfounded.

I am not surprised by it. The wife is far away, the husband invites his friend to his place, and he does not tell his wife who was with him yet, but uses the word “guest”.

Iza must have ridden the guys in the past, as she analyzes every word I have in full, builds reality and looks for a second bottom in SMS.

Anxiety, explanation, clear message, casual conversation. wrong? She can either start a raging struggle or say something and suffocate herself, and he won’t know what’s going on.

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What do you think of the whole situation?

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