Oscars Awards 2021. Live Coverage – Oscars Awards Ceremony

Oscar 2021 is approaching. The producers confirmed that this year’s American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards ceremony will be different from all previous gigs. They explained that it would be more of a movie set than a TV show. For the first time, the ceremony will take place at the building of the largest railway station in Los Angeles – Union Station. Will this be a great night for Chloe Chow and her movie “Nomadland”?

  • The actress and director welcomed the meeting guests at Union Station.

  • The party started. Or, in fact, the “title” of a great movie set. All nominees are listed and Regina King holds an Oscar.

  • We’ve paid special attention to Laura Dern design.

  • Who caught our attention on the red carpet? Watch the exhibition:

  • Viola Davis gets a chance to become the first African American woman to win two Oscars for acting.

  • Riz Ahmed is the first Muslim to be nominated for Best Actor. Ahmed played an influential role in the lovely “Sound of Metal” movie.

  • Emerald Fennell is best known to the general public as Camilla Parker Bowles in The Crown. Fennell – among others’ nominee for Best Director – is screenplay co-author of the Obsession Eve series. Her long debut “The Promising Young Woman” could make her the first British woman to win an Academy Award for directing.

  • Favorite Best Soundtracks From Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. This duo has been nominated for two films: “Mank” and “Co w duszy gra”.

  • Celeste was nominated for Best Song with “Hear My Voice”

  • Leslie Odom Jr. has a chance to win two awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Song.

  • A favorite in the Best Supporting Actress category is “Minari” star Yoon Ye Jung.

  • Tomasz-Marcin Wrona, tvn24.pl journalist talks about our species.

  • Everyone got ready for the party in their own way. Glenn Close was nominated for the eighth time, and if she didn’t win an Academy Award, she would be the most nominated actress without a win.

  • Would that be a lucky party for songwriter Diane Warren, who won her 12th career nomination? This year the legendary artist received a nomination for the song “ycie przed się”.

  • Actor Coleman Domingo on the red carpet

  • Marley Matlin will be among the people to present an Oscar – the only deaf actress to have won an Oscar in her career. Matlin was best known for her role as “Children of the Little God” in 1987.

  • And this is where Hollywood’s greatest stars will stop by.

  • The first stars on the red carpet. Among them is Paul Rasi. The 73-year-old American actor won the hearts of viewers in the movie “Sound of Metal” which earned him a nomination for a supporting role. His parents were Polish, Paul spoke to them using Polish Sign Language, and his grandparents were in Polish. He emphasized in interviews that he was proud of his Polish roots and that English was his second language.

  • “Nomadland”, “Minari” and “Sound of Metal” – these are the evening’s highlights. These nicknames belong to the most stringent favorite group. Whether, if Will our expectations be met?

  • For a good start, we suggest speaking to Tomash Kot, Which will be broadcast on TVN24 at around 23.30.

  • Good night! Ahead is the 93rd American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards Ceremony, which will end at around 5 pm, and together we will watch the most important Hollywood film festival.

93rd Prize Ceremony Oscars Due to the prevailing pandemic, COVID-19 takes a different form. For the first time, the organizers left the stage, and the main part of the ceremony will take place at the largest railway station in Los Angeles – Union Station.

The building has an Art Deco aesthetic and was used in 1939. However, the artistic part will take place at the Dolby Theater. Organizers announced that many elements of the ceremony will also be held at select locations in the United States and abroad, where candidates who are unable to reach Los Angeles due to the pandemic will be gathered.

Organizers say Oscars night will be special. It won’t look like a typical TV show, but it will mirror a movie set. Organizers’ announcements show that there are no plans to communicate with the absentee winners via video conference.

The ceremony will not be hosted for the third year in a row.

Two unusual signs appeared on the list of nominated producers. The first concerns design, as it has been suggested that if someone wants they can access formal wear, and it has been suggested that everyday styles are not appropriate for this celebration. The second – related to speeches – suggests focusing on a personal experience or telling a story.

Oscar 2021: the nominations

The only pole to be nominated this year is Cinematographer Dariush Volski, Who will compete for the Oscar thanks to filming “News from the World”.

ZOBACZ >> “It’s not a sport. It’s very good to be appreciated.” Pole Nominated for an Academy Award – Interview with Darius Volski

Another Polish accent is Paul Raci for Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Sound of Metal. Raci was born in Chicago in 1948 to a family of Deaf Polish who changed their surname from Racibożyński to Raci. The actor communicated with his parents in sign language, and with his grandparents in Polish. In numerous interviews, Rasi spoke proudly of his Polish roots, while noting at the same time that English is his second language.

Paul Raci with Sound of MetalM2 movies

David Fincher’s “Mank” has garnered more – 10 nominations. “Father” (Der. Florian Zeller), “Judah and the Black Christ” (Monastery of Shaka King), “Minari” (Monastery of Lee Isaac Chung), “Metal Sound” (Darius Marder Monastery), “Nomadland” (Der. Chloe Chau) And “Chicago Seven Trial” (Der. Aaron Sorkin).

“Promising. Young Woman” by Emrald Fennell and “What Rainey: Mother of the Blues” by George Wolff won five nominations each.

author:Tomas Marcin and Rona

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